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Each of our customers is very important to us, and so are their vehicles! We take every care to provide the best in our customer service and in the quality of our repair, servicing, and maintenance work. Curtis is very meticulous, and detail oriented with years and years of experience working on Asian import autos, so you can be assured your vehicle is in capable hands. We invite you to browse through this Reviews page and read some of the comments from our many happy customers.

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La VitaBuono

Mazda Miata and Toyota Tacoma. Ed’s is the place I trust and recommend to my friends. I personally have seen them help people out who needed it, watched them not take advantage of someone when they easily could have, and they have always treated me with respect. One time they even spent time consulting with me and I was able to solve the problem myself AND they didn’t charge me for it. It is hard to find a mechanic you can trust. This is the place. Great waiting room also, good magazine selection and in walking distance of the donut shop by Safeway.


I thought there was a problem with my car but, it turned out it wasn’t a big deal. They spent time checking my vehicle and researching but would not take payment for their time. They were friendly and able to reschedule when something came up and wasn’t able to come my first appointment. I really appreciated my experience and will definitely be using them in the future.

Evette VanGuilder

I recently moved here and I am so happy I found an Ed’s Specialties Auto Repair. I feel it is a shop I can trust. Customer service was excellent, I feel this shop is honest and pricing is right.

Ben Arntson

I have done business with this family and their business for the better part of 2 decades and change. They care about their customers and are very involved in the community. Their estimates are honest, repairs are thorough and there is always a warm smile at the door. Some mechanics recommend things good for their wallet, these folks recommend only what you need to help your Honda run longer. They have helped keep my 94 civic clear 400k miles and just keep running, as well as nearly 250k miles on my 05 Accord.

Michael Callen

I generally work on my own vehicles. That said, I feel that at Ed’s Specialties Auto repair, he has been fair with pricing and clear on repairs are the fix or start to be able to diagnose the vehicle further. I was recommended his shop through word of mouth. The small business has treated me well, and I plan to continue using them when I’m not able to do my own work.

Kristyn Leigh

We love Ed’s Specialty, they are prompt, flexible, highly competent, and Amanda in the front office is organized, a very clear communicator, billing is fair, and they are babying my beloved 12 year old Honda with over 200k miles in a way that makes me feel like I can really feel confident in my aging vehicle.